Performance Quality – Without Exception

Cohee Research offers a variety of qualitative and quantitative primary market research services, from focus groups and individual in-depth interviews to web-based surveys as resources for:

  • Evaluating the concepts / benefits of new and existing products or services
  • Understanding the dynamics of these products or services
  • Defining product usage and target audience
  • Conducting consumer and employee satisfaction studies

Our experience and ability to manage international research studies, through our veteran partners, provide worldwide marketing testing and new business opportunities.


Overview of Services

  • Consultation
  • Research Study Design
  • Project Management

Group Workshops:

  • Provides target-group specific input for product development and communication
study analysis

Study Analysis

  • Comprehensive written reports on the study findings
  • Business-oriented


  • CAPI
  • Web-based surveys


  • Focus Groups
  • In-depth, face-to-face
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Extensive experience with Online F2F and FGs